How to Get Special Emotes in Stumble Guys

Updated on January 3, 2024

Stumble guys emotes have always been important for stumble guys tournaments. The reason is everyone wants to win the tournaments to get excellent rewards. That’s why many players use stumble guys emotes to get extra benefits. Read this detailed guide to know how to get special emotes in stumble guys.

In stumble guys tournaments, if you want to give a stunning performance then you must master the stumble guys special emotes. There are many special emotes in stumble guys each having its own function. Stick with us to know how to get these special emotes and how to use them effectively. Special emotes can help you win from your competitors by giving you an extra edge.

stumble guys special emotes

Stumble Guys Special Emotes

Stumble guys game has introduced many special emotes to add more fun to this multiplayer battle royale game. Some people don’t like these emotes because they are unable to get these emotes, but they are full of fun when used properly. They can help you win many matches of stumble guys. In this way, you can greatly improve your game performance. Also try stumble guys mod menu.

Currently, stumble guys has only 4 special emotes. Stumble guys emotes list is given below:

  • Shoe Emote
  • Punch Emote
  • Hug Emote
  • Banana Emote

What do Emotes do in Stumble Guys?

Many people don’t know the proper function of stumble guys special emotes. I recommend you study and master the functions and use of these emotes to improve your game performance. The functions of stumble guys emotes are explained below.

Stumble Guys Skate Emote

More properly known as shoe emote or kick emote, this stumble guys emote is very effective to knock down other players or slide on certain locations in many maps. This skate emote is especially useful in the icy heights map where you can do skating to beat other players.

Stumble Guys Hug Emote

Also known as grab emote, stumble guys hug emote is used to grab other players in stumble guys matches. The grab option is very handy if you know how to use it properly. You can grab someone and take them in front of a rotating hammer to increase the fun of this game. Also, you can grab and throw your opponents out of the arena. Now you can also download stumble guys hack from our website.

Stumble Guys Punch Emote

Stumble guys punch emote is also known as boxing emote or glove emote. This boxing emote is used to punch other stumblers in the game. You can use punching against your rivals in the stumble guys game to throw them down from the edges of maps.

How to Get All Emotes in Stumble Guys?

Now that you know the importance of stumble guys special emotes, you must be wondering how you can get all these emotes. Many people say that these emotes are hidden and everyone can’t get these. But let me tell you that everyone can get these emotes. There are some requirements that you must meet to unlock all these emotes of stumble guys. Let’s get into the details of how to get special emotes in stumble guys.

How to Get Slide Emote in Stumble Guys?

Slide emote or shoe emote can be obtained by buying the premium stumble pass. A shoe emote is offered on the last 30th level of the premium stumble pass. You should keep in mind that you can only use slide emote if you have less than 100 victories.

How to Get Hug Emote in Stumble Guys?

Stumble guys premium stumble pass has 30 levels. By reaching the 30th level or by buying a premium stumble pass you can easily unlock the stumble guys hug emote. Always remember that you can only use grab or hug emote if you have more than 200 victories.

How to Get Punch Emote in Stumble Guys?

Punch emote in stumble guys can be easily unlocked by buying or unlocking the premium stumble pass. You can use stumble guys punch emote if you have more than 100 but less than 200 wins.

How to Buy Emotes in Stumble Guys?

There is no way to specifically buy stumble guys emotes alone. Instead, you’ll need to buy the premium stumble pass to unlock these special emotes. You can unlock the premium stumble pass by spending 1200 gems. You can either earn free gems or buy them with real money.

How to Get Special Emotes in Stumble Guys for Free?

Everyone doesn’t like to spend real money to buy gems and unlock premium stumble pass to get emotes. That’s why many people look for ways to get these special emotes of stumble guys for free. There are a few ways through which you can get stumble guys special emotes for free. These ways include:

Earn 1200 Gems

The first way to get stumble guys special emotes for free is to earn the number of gems required to unlock the premium stumble pass by playing the stumble guys game. There are a lot of ways through which you can earn free gems in stumble guys. You can get free stumble guys gems from:

  • Free stumble pass
  • Lucky spinning wheel
  • By winning tournaments
  • By watching ads
All special emotes in Stumble Guys

Try your Luck in Giveaways

Many stumble guys enthusiasts offer many giveaways on YouTube and discord regarding the premium stumble pass. You need to keep an eye out on all giveaways and try your luck there to get all special emotes in stumble guys.

Use Stumble Guys Mod APK

The final way to get free stumble guys special emotes is to use the stumble guys mod APK unlimited gems. This is a modified version of the game that offers great things including free special emotes of stumble guys. This is a perfect way to get free special emotes in this game.

How to Use Emotes in Stumble Guys?

You can easily use stumble guys special emotes in stumble guys matches by keeping in mind some basics. Emotes are effective when it comes to winning matches or stumble guys tournaments. Let’s learn how to use them properly.

How to Hug Someone in Stumble Guys?

If you have unlocked the stumble guys heart emote or hug emote, then you can easily hug someone by clicking on this emote while playing stumble guys. You can find the heart emote by clicking on the three dot chat button present just above the jump button. Just tap on the heart emote near your opponents to grab them in stumble guys mobile.

How to Slide in Stumble Guys?

You can slide in the stumble guys game after unlocking the shoe emote. If you have unlocked this emote, then you can use it by similarly finding it in the chat button. With this emote you can either slide or kick someone by sliding just behind them.


If you are a regular player of stumble guys then you’ll face punching, grabbing, and kicking sooner or later. These actions are performed by using special emotes which are locked behind premium stumble pass. You can get these rare emotes by paying real money but there are also some ways through which you can get all special emotes for free. We have discussed all these ways in this detailed guide.

I hope you got the answer to your question about how to get special emotes in stumble guys. Which is your favorite special emote in stumble guys?


The best emote in stumble guys is the hug emote. It symbolizes love, but people use it to grab others and throw them from the edges of stumble guys’ maps.

Yes, you can still get the stumble guys kick emote or shoe emote by unlocking the premium stumble pass. You can unlock the premium stumble pass for 1200 gems.

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