How to Get Free Gems in Stumble Guys

Updated on January 3, 2024

The original stumble guys game doesn’t provide us with many free gems. We need to struggle to get stumble guys free gems and update our game things. And most people are unable to use the option of in-app purchase as they don’t have enough money, so many of them question “how to get free gems in stumble guys”?

how to get free gems in stumble guys

Gems are a premium currency in stumble guys, and they can be used for many things like buying skins and battle passes, getting entry into tournaments, and changing your stumble guys name. Everyone wants to have maximum skins including epic, legendary, and rare skins. Additionally, many stumble guys players wish to change their name, which costs 100 gems each time. So, gems play an important role in the progression of players in stumble guys.

In this article, I’ll share some easy and authentic methods to get free gems in stumble guys. I’m a stumble guys player, and it was much frustrating for me that I can’t unlock all skins and premium emotes like kicking and hugging because of less gems. After a lot of research, I figured out some methods through which we can get free gems for stumble guys, and I thought to share it with my stumble guys community so that everyone can benefit.

how to get free gems in stumble guys 2023

So, without wasting a second, let’s get into details of stumble guys gems hack.

Function of Gems in Stumble Guys

Gems in stumble guys have great worth as they can be used to buy many premium things. Every game has some things locked at the start, and you can’t use these premium things unless you earn them or buy them. Similarly, stumble guys developers have also locked some things, which are discussed below.

free diamonds in stumble guys

Stumble Guys Skins

All premium stumble guys skins, including epic, rare, and legendary skins, are locked, and you can’t use them when you are a beginner player as you don’t have enough gems to unlock these skins. These skins can be unlocked through gems. Because of this thing, gems get more importance as they play a role how you look in stumble guys game.

Common skins usually cost 55 gems, while rare skins cost 90 gems for each skin. However, you can get epic skins for tokens sometimes.

Premium Stumble Pass

There are two types of stumble passes in the stumble guys game. One is a free stumble pass, and the other one is a premium stumble pass. As it is clear from the name that the free stumble guys pass doesn’t has much to offer, and the premium stumble pass can give us many new and premium opportunities like premium emotes, which are in great demand among stumble guys players.

Premium stumble pass costs players of stumble guys 1200 gems. To get 1200 gems is not child’s play. But, let me tell you that the premium stumble pass is worth it as it gives you the ability to punch or hug someone during the matches.


Many people want to impress their friends with fabulous footsteps when they run during the stumble guys matches. Stumble guys has different footsteps, including bubbles, confetti, sparkles, fire, HAHA, money, notes, skulls, and hearts. These footsteps can only be unlocked through a premium stumble pass which you can buy with stumble guys gems.

Entry Into Tournaments

Stumble guys game holds many tournaments with excellent rewards in terms of gems. Everyone wants to play tournaments, but everyone cannot play tournaments as they cost gems.

And every stumble guys’ player doesn’t have enough gems to participate in these tournaments. These tournaments’ participation may require gems from 20 to 200. But the rewards are excellent. Stick with me to learn tricks to get free gems in stumble guys without spending a single penny.

Name Change

Stumble guys offers free name change for the first time. But when you go for the second time to change your name, then it’ll only be possible if you have 100 gems in your pocket. So, gems become more important if anyone has to change his name.

What is the Price of Stumble Guys Gems?

You can easily buy stumble guys gems if you have money. Gems can be bought through Google Play Credits. You can just click on buy gems, and it’ll show you some easy process to proceed, and it’ll cut money from your account.

stumble guys gems price

The price of stumble guys gems is explained in this table, along with the number of gems you’ll get.

Number of GemsPrice in US Dollar
250 gems$1.99
Starter Pack$3.99
Rare Offer$0.99
Heap Of Gems$7.99
Pile Of Gems$4.99

Methods to Get Free Gems – How to Get Free Gems in Stumble Guys?

Before you use all your money on buying gems in stumble guys, it’s better to get free gems in stumble guys. There are different methods of getting free gems. I’ll explain each method in detail below so you can get unlimited free stumble guys gems without spending a single penny.

free gems in stumble guys

Let me tell you that there is no magic way to get free gems for stumble guys. There are some tried and tested methods through which you can get free gems. Let’s go.

Benefit from Free Battle Pass (Earn Free Gems)

This is the first method to earn many free gems in stumble guys, which you can later use to upgrade your game. There are two types of stumble passes in stumble guys. One is a free stumble pass, and the other one is paid premium stumble pass. Ignore the paid one now, as we only want to earn free gems.

how to get more gems in stumble guys

So, you must be wondering how we can get free stumble guys gems in free stumble pass. Let me explain. The free battle pass has many levels. As you win more matches, your levels go up. You can get a total of 150 free gems through this method. Start playing stumble guys daily, win some games to improve your level, and get free gems. You’ll get three packs of 50 gems as rewards in levels 3, 19, and 26.

Earn Free Gems by Watching Ads

stumble guys gems

The second most beneficial method to get free gems for stumble guys game is to watch an advertisement that the game developers provide. The primary purpose of each game is to earn money. So, developers use Ads in their games to make money, and in return, they reward the players who watch ads in terms of gems and tokens.

So, if you have some free time during your day, watching ads in stumble guys can earn you a lot of free gems.

Don’t Win and Watch Videos

One excellent yet little-known trick to get free gems is that when you don’t qualify for the next round in stumble guys and you lose, the game offers you to watch videos and earn gems. This is a great thing to get free diamonds in stumble guys.

stumble guys free gems

Win Tournament Prizes (Free Gems)

If you have spent some time playing stumble guys and have already played many battle royale games, then it’s better to compete with everyone and win from them to get excellent rewards.

stumble guys gems hack

This method is only for pro players of stumble guys. If you are a beginner, I won’t recommend this method to get free gems as it costs you some gems to get entry into tournaments. But if you claim to be a pro player of battle royale games, then don’t miss this opportunity and show your skills to the world and earn free gems.

This method is risky as there are many other experienced stumble guys players, but the reward is also worth it. You can earn thousands of gems through this method if you secure the number one position.

Use the Free Lucky Spinning Wheel

Stumble guys also offers some things at no cost. For example, they offer 5 free spins daily on a roulette wheel, giving you free skins, gems, and tokens.

free stumble guys gems

Initially, you only get one free spin, but if you watch ads, you can spin this prize wheel daily for four more times. So, it is an excellent option to get some free gems without performing any task.

The drop chances to get free gems are 45%. While 31% chances are to get free stumble tokens and 24% chances to get skins. It is clear from the percentage that most of the time, you’ll be able to get free stumble guys gems.

Earn Credits from Apps

Many people also claim that there are some apps that reward you with some free credits if you complete some tasks or quizzes there. I have checked some of these authentic apps, which provide credits that we can later use to buy gems in stumble guys. Some of these apps are:

  • Cash App
  • Quize
  • Cash Pirate
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Dreame

Download Stumble Guys Mod APK to Get Unlimited Free Gems

One of the easiest methods to get free gems is to download the stumble guys mod APK. This mod of stumble guys provides unlimited gems with stumble guys gems hack. You only need to download the mod version provided on our website, which is free to download.

get free gems in stumble guys

Bottom Line

The crux of all this discussion is that you can get free gems in stumble guys if you utilize some real methods. I hope you should have got answer to your question, “how to get free gems in stumble guys”? If one way doesn’t work for you, then try other methods. I’m sure you will get free gems through these methods.

free gems for stumble guys

Stumble guys free gems can be used for many purposes like you can buy stumble guys skins, premium stumble pass, and footsteps. Also, you would be able to get entry into tournaments and change your name with the help of free gems.


To get free gems in stumble guys in 2024, you need to follow some authentic methods. These methods include using the free battle pass, prize wheel, watching Ads, winning tournaments, and downloading mod APK.

To get 1000 gems in stumble guys, you need to win tournaments organized by the stumble guys game. The top 100 players usually get 1000 gems along with the tournament’s winner.

To get maximum gems in stumble guys, you need to watch Ads, win tournaments, use the roulette wheel, and free battle pass.

The perfect way to get unlimited gems in stumble guys is to download the modified version of stumble guys. Stumble guys mod APK is the only thing that can provide unlimited free gems.

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