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Updated on January 3, 2024

Here are the original APKs and mod APKs of stumble guys old version. You can easily download the old versions by clicking the download button with the version name. Many people don’t like the latest versions of stumble guys because they have many restrictions. That’s why they look for old versions of stumble guys. Below is the list of mod APKs and APKs of old versions of stumble guys multiplayer battle royale. Download the old version of your choice.

Stumble Guys Mod APK Old Versions

Stumble Guys APK Old Versions

Stumble Guys Old Version

Do you hate the newer versions of stumble guys just because they broke the game? You loved the emotes and graphics of older versions, and now these are removed by the developers of this game. Don’t worry; you can easily revert to the old versions of stumble guys by downloading the old versions of APK from our website.

There are many reasons players are looking for old versions of stumble guys. Game updates can be interesting for some people as they always want to play new maps and enjoy new features. Let me tell you that these updates can be frustrating for some people too, as they come with many bugs and shady techniques that developers use to earn money.

Why Stumble Guys Game Updates can be Regrettable?

A game update may come with many unfavorable things and can originate many problems. Some of these problems include:

  • Developers usually claim that they have fixed bugs in the new update. But sometimes the new updates are actually full of bugs, so it can disappoint you.
  • Stumble guys developers want to keep their game updated with the latest Android version. So, if you have an older version of android because of your old smartphone, then you may face some problems with the user interface as you install a new version of stumble guys.
  • You may hate the new features added in the stumble guys as you have become habitual of playing the old stumble guys.
  • Some emotes like kicking, hugging, and punching are being removed in new updates and new versions of stumble guys. This is one of the reasons that you may want to download an older version of the stumble guys game, which offers all these features.
  • Some people are also complaining that the new versions of stumble guys have more ads compared with the previous versions.

How to Install the Old Version?

If you are also facing any issues with the new version of stumble guys, then revert to one of the older versions of your choice, and everything will be fine.

stumble guys old version download

Follow the steps below to install the older version of stumble guys without losing your data.

Turn off the Automatic Game Updates in Google Play Store

First, you need to stop your apps from updating automatically when you turn on the data. Google play store always wants you to update your apps and games to the latest version, and sometimes, it automatically updates your games to the newest versions.

You need to turn off this feature. Follow these steps to turn off this thing in the Google play store so that you can enjoy the old version:

  • Open the Google play store
  • Click on the menu button on the top left of your mobile screen and then click on settings
  • Now, the first option will be “auto-update apps”. Tap it and then change the settings to “Do not auto-update apps”

Uninstall the Latest Game Version

To install an older version of stumble guys, you first need to uninstall the newest game version already installed on your android device. For this, find the stumble guys game, hold it and tap uninstall.

If you don’t want to lose your date, be sure to enable “app date sync” in your mobile Settings>Accounts> Google.

After the uninstall is done, you can install the older version of stumble guys.

Download and Install the Old APK File

Downloading and installing the old version of stumble guys is very straightforward. You can download stumble guys old version by just clicking on the download button on any of the versions provided above, and downloading will start in no time.

  • After the APK file is downloaded, locate it in the file manager. Also, ensure that unknown sources installation is enabled on your mobile phone so that you don’t face any problems during the installation of the stumble guys game.
  • To enable unknown sources, go to settings>security>scroll down, find unknown sources, and turn it on.
  • After the unknown sources are enabled, tap on the APK file in your file manager and then tap install, and it’ll be installed easily.
stumble guys old mod apk

Stumble Guys Alternatives

If you are a big fan of stumble guys and need some more similar games to waste your extra energy, then you must consider these stumble guys alternatives:

  • Fall dudes
  • Zombie Catchers
  • Two guys and Zombies APK
  • Fast Guys
  • Rodeo Stampede


You can use awesome emotes like other stumble guys and win from all the stumble guys players to be the champion. Don’t be a trap of useless features and avoid many ads by installing stumble guys old version.

stumble guys mod apk old version

You can either install the original APK or stumble guys old versions hacks. If you want to enjoy extra features like emotes, all unlocked skins, unlimited gems, and unlimited tokens, then I recommend you install stumble guys mod APK latest version.

However, it’s totally your choice to install the APK or mod APK of stumble guys. I have provided older versions of the original APK as well as mods.

Thank you for reading; I hope this article solves your problem.

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