How to Get Special Skins in Stumble Guys

Updated on January 3, 2024

Everyone wants to get stumble guys special skins because they provide a fantastic look. That’s why everyone is searching for “how to get special skins in stumble guys.” It’s not so easy to get special skins, and you need to follow the authentic guidelines and tricks to get one of the four special skins in stumble guys. In this article, I’ll explain everything regarding the special skins of stumble guys.

There are many types of skins in the stumble guys game, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. But special skins have a unique value among stumble guys players because only a few players get a chance to unlock these special skins. These special skins are very rare. That’s why everyone is looking for a way to get all these skins for free. Stick with me to know all details and some tips to easily get all special skins in stumble guys.

About Stumble Guys Special Skin

Some newbie players always ask which are the special skins in stumble guys. There are total four special skins in stumble guys. These four special skins are:

  1. Capt. Goldheart
  2. Inferno Dragon
  3. Dynamitron
  4. SEI Taishogun

Among these four skins, the inferno dragon and dynamitron are the most popular in the stumble guys community. You might have seen many players, including YouTubers using these two special skins while playing matches. You can also use these special skins by following this guide.

What do Special Skins do in Stumble Guys?

Why are people passionate about special skins? There are many reasons players love to have special skins. Some of the benefits of having special skins in stumble guys include:

  • They provide unique look and impress your friends.
  • Special skins have some hidden powers that are not revealed by developers. This is the reason they have named these skins special.
  • As a stumble guys player, I have used Inferno dragon in many matches and what I have experienced is that this skin can help you run fast.
  • After using dynamitron, I felt that it is good at jumping compared with other epic or legendary skins.
  • Special skins are more stable compared with all other types. Like many other skins, they don’t fall easily out of the maps.
  • After upgrading to special skins, many players have reported that their gameplay has improved dramatically, and they started winning more matches.

How to Unlock Special Skins in Stumble Guys?

After reading the benefits of stumble guys special skins, you must be wondering how to get one of these famous special skins. There are two ways to get these special skins. Let me explain both.

Free Method to Get Special Skins

The first method to get special skins is free. You only need to spin the roulette wheel daily. Although the chances of getting special skin are low in this method, the chances are still there. So, it’s wise to use this spinning wheel daily to unlock one of the special skins.

Stumble Guys Special Skin
special skin in stumble guys

The stumble guys game provides one free spin after every 24 hours. But you can spin this wheel four more times by watching ads. This way, you can spin this wheel five times a day, and there are excellent chances of getting special skins through this method.

The second method to get special skins is a paid one. You must have seen that stumble guys provide you with an option of opening the crates to get skins with the help of tokens. Tokens is a currency of the stumble guys game that you can earn by playing matches, or you can top up the tokens with money.

If you have enough money, top up your stumble guys account with maximum tokens and then start opening the crates with tokens, and ultimately, you’ll get special skins.

How to Get Free Special Skin in Stumble Guys?

If you are a lazy person like me and don’t want to put any effort or spend any money to get special skins in stumble guys, then read on. There is a way through which you can get all types of skins unlocked for free without doing anything. Let me explain.

Stumble guys special skins

For this, you’ll need to uninstall the original version of stumble guys that you downloaded from the google play store. Then you’ll need to download and install the modified version of stumble guys game. You can download the stumble guys mod version from our website. This modified game version allows you to unlock and use all types of skins without doing anything.

Stumble Guys Special Skin Tricks

Some people don’t like the modded versions, so they search for tricks to get special skins without uninstalling the original game. These tricks are usually the glitches in the game that allow people to get special skins before the developers know about them. So, use these glitches to get free special skins in stumble guys.

Stumble guys special skin trick

Some of the famous tricks to get special skins in stumble guys that worked for me as well as many other people are listed below:

  1. Change your game server, language, or region, and then open the crates using stumble tokens. This is a guaranteed tip to get stumble guys special skin.
  2. Keep clicking on the “epic skin or better” crate until the stumble king skin appears on it, and then open it with 35 tokens. It’ll increase your chances of getting special skin.
  3. Wear Willy Penguin skin, change the server to North America, and open the epic skin or better crate to get special skins.
  4. Don’t open the stumble guys game for 7 to 10 days, and then open the game and start opening the crates to get the stumble guys special skins.

I hope I have explained everything regarding your question “how to get special skins in stumble guys.” Read the tricks carefully and apply them exactly as explained to get the special skins of stumble guys and impress your friends. Utilize these special skins to improve your game experience.


Inferno Dragon is one of the special skins of stumble guys and is very popular among stumble guys players. You can get inferno dragon by spinning the roulette wheel or by using stumble tokens.

Benefits of stumble guys special skins include fast running, good jumping, super sliding, and stability.

Stumble guys has four special skins, including Inferno Dragon, Dynamitron, Capt. Goldheart and SEI Taishogun.

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