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Updated on January 3, 2024

Stumble guys vs fall guys is a famous debate on the internet nowadays. A popular copy of fall guys named stumble guys has amazingly topped the charts on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Stumble guys has hit 225 million downloads. In comparison, fall guys has a player count of just 50 million. There must be a solid difference that made stumble guys a viral hit.

Fall guys was not free to play, and when it went free to play, the player count was over 50 million, and Mediatonic has reported sales of 11 million copies on PC. As you can observe from metrics, stumble guys is way more popular than fall guys. Many people call stumble guys a copy but now Scopley has started adding some unique features.

Fall Guys Vs Stumble Guys Comparison Table

Fall GuysStumble Guys
Available on PC, PS 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|SAvailable on iOS, Android, and Steam
60 players lobby32 players lobby
Longer matchesShorter matches
Slow loadingFast loading
Excellent graphicsAverage graphics
All bean-shaped skinsMore human-like skins
More mapsFewer maps
More game modesFewer game modes
More sound effectsFewer sound effects
No prize wheelPrize wheel
No tournaments offeredTournaments offered

Why did a clone of fall guys become more popular? Let’s have a detailed look at the similarities and differences between these two multiplayer action games.

Similarities of Stumble Guys and Fall Guys

Similarities of stumble guys and fall guys are explained below.

Free to Play with in App Purchases

Initially, fall guys was not free to play. But recently, Mediatonic and Epic Games made it a free-to-play multiplayer game on June 21, 2022. Stumble guys is also free to play. Both action games are monetized with in app purchases feature, although the prices are higher in fall guys.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys Gameplay

The gameplay of fall guys and stumble guys is extremely similar. The original theme of both games is based on reaching a destination by avoiding falls and rotating or moving objects. Although, fall guys has some levels where players need to grab specific things and take them to the next destination.

Character Customization

In both games, we can customize our character based on our liking. Stumble guys has more character customization options as we can customize footsteps, and there are many skin colors for each skin. While in stumble guys mod APK, you can also get all footsteps unlocked and all skins unlocked. This is a great benefit for the players of stumble guys. Stumble guys APK mod also offers many other premium things for free.

Play with Friends Option

If you are not an introvert, then you must be looking to play with friends. Both Fall guys and stumble guys games have the option of creating a party and inviting friends to enjoy the multiplayer experience. We can easily create or join a party in both games through a code.

Nearly Similar Levels

Game levels in stumble guys look nearly similar to those in fall guys. If you have already played fall guys, then after playing some maps in stumble guys, you may say that those are similar levels with a few differences.

Some similarities in maps include similar ideas of rotating pendulums, similar barriers, and falling tiles.

Battle Pass

Both games have a paid battle pass. This paid battle bass is known as stumble pass in stumble guys. Buying this stumble pass gives an advantage of special emotes like hugging, kicking, and running fast. While in fall guys this paid battle pass is known as a season pass that provides you the same benefits as a stumble pass.

Is Stumble Guys and Fall Guys Same?

Stumble guys and fall guys are two different games. But they are in the same action category with a multiplayer option. Both are great games with 3D graphics, various obstacle course maps, excellent skins, and rewards.

When we discuss fall guys vs. stumble guys, remember that fall guys is mainly a PC and Console game while stumble guys is a mobile-focused game. However, a PC version of stumble guys can be played online on different platforms like steam and

Is Stumble Guys Made by Fall Guys?

Stumble guys is not made by fall guys. Stumble guys was released by a Finland-based studio named Kitka games. While Fall guys was released by Devolver Digital, which was later purchased by Mediatonic, transferring the publishing rights to Epic games.

When did Stumble Guys Come Out?

Stumble guys initial release date was September 24, 2020. It was released when the whole world was closed because of the coronavirus and gained popularity because of some famous streamers and multiplayer option.

When did Fall Guys Come Out?

Fall guys was initially released on August 4, 2020, for PC and PlayStation by Devolver digital. Initially, fall guys was a paid game. It was made free to play on June 21, 2022, because of which the player count of fall guys rose to over 50 million players.

Differences Between Fall Guys and Stumble Guys

There are many differences between these two multiplayer knockout games. Some core differences between stumble guys vs fall guys are discussed below.


The main difference between fall guys and stumble guys is their availability on different platforms. Fall guys is available on all consoles, including Xbox, PS 4&5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. However, there is no mobile version of fall guys. In comparison, stumble guys is only available on PC and mobile.

In today’s era, almost everyone has a smartphone, and he can play stumble guys. But everyone can’t play fall guys because it is only available on PC and consoles, and there is no mobile version of fall guys. Stumble guys developers have cashed this opportunity by developing a nearly similar clone of fall guys for mobile users, and that’s why stumble guys has hit $40m revenue and 225 million downloads, according to AppMagic data.

Will fall guys come to mobile? It’s a never-ending debate. But chances of fall guys on mobile are rare because fall guys is now owned by Mediatonic, which was acquired by Epic. And the chemistry between Epic and Apple is not good. However, a Chinese company Bilibili has announced in 2020 that they are developing the mobile version of fall guys, but it’ll be exclusive to China only.

Match Duration

Matches duration varies considerably in these two games. Stumble guys has a plus point in this aspect as we can finish a game in stumble guys in maximum 10 minutes while fall guys matches could take up to 45 minutes.

Stumble guys matches are quick, and the main reason is that stumble guys has a lobby of 32 players while fall guys lobby consists of 60 players.

Loading Time

Stumble guys is faster in terms of loading when you click on the play button. On the other side, fall guys takes a million years to load, which is quite frustrating for some people. That’s why many Fall guys players are shifting to stumble guys because of its super-fast loading and quick matches.

Graphics Quality

Stumble guys is a mobile-focused game, and we all know that mobile games’ graphics are inferior compared to PC games. Fall guys is designed for PC and gaming consoles; that’s why fall guys graphics are way better when compared with stumble guys. Also download stumble guys mod menu.

Fall guys is a highly polished game in terms of graphics, as the graphics quality is fantastic. On the other side, stumble guys graphics are also 3D, but they are incomparable with fall guys graphics.


The skins of both games are fantastic. But fall guys have always retrained the key shape of bean for their avatars. In comparison, stumble guys’ skins have more human-like looks and have more variety. Stumble guys’ characters have different designs, which don’t allow you to get bored.

Fall Guys Vs Stumble Guys Maps

Stumble guys choose some repetitive maps for matches, and you can see many people complaining about this in reviews of stumble guys on the Google play store. On the other hand, fall guys has a lot of variety and has more appealing maps. Some exciting maps in fall guys include grabbing objects and throwing balls.


There is a special section for events in stumble guys. Stumble guys regularly holds different tournaments for its players with excellent rewards. In contrast, fall guys don’t offer any tournaments. Tournaments are an exciting part of any online game. And stumble guys has also provided tournaments option. That is one of the reason of its popularity.

Different Game Modes

Fall guys has a lot of game modes that we can’t find in stumble guys. Different game modes in fall guys include a solo show, squad show, duos show, and stadium stars show. You also have access to custom shows. If you want to host a party, you can host up to 60 people. You can also join a party with your friends.

Different modes are still not added in stumble guys multiplayer royale. It is expected that developers of stumble guys will add a practice mode sooner or later as it is being highly demanded by audience of stumble guys.

Sound Effects

Fall guys has a variety of sound effects, which is a thing that we can’t find in the stumble guys game. Sound effects keep us entertained throughout the game in the fall guys. Stumble guys has minimal sound effects, which seems boring when we play many matches.

Roulette Wheel

Stumble guys offers its players five free spins daily on a prize wheel. This can earn you gems, tokens, or stumble skins. In comparison, there is nothing like a prize wheel in fall guys.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys Player Count

Stumble guys lobby has 32 players. In contrast, the Fall guys lobby has 60 players. Everyone has their preferences, but as an action game player for many years, I’ll say it is better to have a small lobby like stumble guys because it results in shorter duration matches, and you can join another game quickly.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys Lawsuit

Many people say that if stumble guys is a copy of fall guys, then why do fall guys owners don’t sue stumble guys developers? Let’s clear things up.

First, clear your mind that stumble guys is not an exact copy of fall guys. This is why fall guys have not filed any copyright claim against stumble guys.

Many people even wonder if fall guys sued stumble guys. Let me tell you that until now, stumble guys hasn’t been sued by fall guys, and I don’t think there is any reason to do so. Copyrights are for copying assets or code and don’t apply to ideas.

Although there are some similarities, like there is a map, “Hex a gone,” which is also in stumble guys, but that is not enough to initiate a lawsuit against stumble guys.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys Popularity

Stumble guys is more popular than fall guys. Stumble guys developers have claimed that their game has 30 million daily players, while the daily player count of fall guys is only 250,000.

Stumble guys is more popular because it is available on mobile. Nowadays, most of the gaming audience is on smartphones. During the global shutdown because of Covid 19, people started playing multiplayer games. Fall guys was released during this period and became very popular just after release.

People also started searching fall guys on App stores, but there didn’t exist a mobile version of fall guys. This thing helped stumble guys become more popular as a near exact clone of fall guys. Stumble guys got 1.5 million downloads on June 25, 2022, which is astonishing.

Bottom Line

The key differences between stumble guys vs fall guys are that stumble guys is very much fun, while fall guys is a great game overall in terms of emotes, sound effects, and customization. Stumble guys is more popular, and the trend of stumble guys is continuously going up. Stumble guys is a mobile-focused game, while fall guys is only available for PC and console users.

stumble vs fall guys

Fall guys is slow, which is a great drawback of this game. On the other hand, stumble guys has fast matches. If you get eliminated in fall guys, you’ll have to wait 30-45 minutes to play with your friends again, which doesn’t sound good.

Would you like to stumble or fall? Tell us in the comments.


Stumble guys is a nearly exact clone of fall guys with many differences. Stumble guys is more relevant for smartphones, while fall guys is a PC and console game.

When we talk about stumble guys vs fall guys, then stumble guys is better than fall guys in many aspects. Stumble guys has fast matches, various skins, and fast loading time. Stumble guys also organize tournaments regularly and is available on mobile.

Yes, stumble guys is more popular than fall guys. Stumble guys has 225 million downloads and 30 million daily players, while fall guys has only 250,000 daily players.

Fall guys came first as it was released on August 4, 2020. While stumble guys was released on September 24, 2020.

Fall guys is losing popularity because a new game named Among US has taken its place. Also, Stumble guys, which is a clone of fall guys and available on mobile devices, has played a significant role in fall guys downfall.

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