Does Stumble Guys Have Bots

Updated on January 3, 2024

Stumble guys is a game that has hit the heights of popularity during the past 2 years. Stumble guys is more popularly known as a multiplayer battle royale game. Many people question its multiplayer function and ask does stumble guys have bots. In this article, I’ll tell you everything about stumble guys bots. Let’s go.

I’ll also explain how you can get bot lobbies in stumble guys in 2022 to win your matches easily and get unlimited crowns. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into the details. Use bot lobbies to win more matches in this excellent game.

Does Stumble Guys Have Bots?

So, are there bots in stumble guys? Yes, the bots are there in stumble guys multiplayer battle royale. It is a famous multiplayer game, but the percentage of real players in stumble guys is not 100%. Sometimes, to fill the rooms, the stumble guys game automatically adds bots in the games.

Every stumble guys match has 32 players. You can imagine how many matches are being played at a time in stumble guys. So, it’s not always possible to pair up all 32 human players in a match. That’s why the stumble guys game pairs up bots with real human players to complete those 32 players.

stumble guys bots

You can identify bots in stumble guys at the start of the game. Sometimes, you can see that there are many players with the name ‘stumble guys’ with a random number in front of this name. These are not real players and are actually bots that are added in the match by stumble guys to complete 32 players.

Does Stumble Guys Has Real Players?

Now you know that stumble guys multiplayer battle royale has bots in its lobbies. So, a question that may arise in your mind is do real human players exist in stumble guys? The answer to this question is yes. But, sometimes bots are also added by system to complete the count.

According to Kitka games, the stumble guys game has 30 million daily players. It means that there are also real players along with bots in stumble guys. If you are a regular player of the stumble guys game, then you must have faced some highly talented players using real tricks to defeat you. So, we can conclude that stumble guys has real players.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Stumble Guys in 2022?

If you are not a fan of competition and don’t like many talented players in your lobby, then you can play with bots to win your matches easily. You must be wondering how you can play with bots when stumble guys don’t has any such option. You just need to play with some tricks to get bot lobbies in stumble guys.

Playing with bots is a dream of many players of stumble guys. The reason is they want to win more matches and ultimately get more crowns. In this way, they can tell their friends that they have far better gameplay than them. Let me explain the ways through which you can get stumble guys bot lobby in 2022.

The first method through which you can get bot lobbies in stumble guys is to play the stumble guys game at 5 or 6 AM. This is the time when no one is playing the stumble guys and chances of getting a bot lobby are higher. By playing at this time, you can win more matches easily.

The second method to get bot lobbies in stumble guys is to use two of your own accounts of stumble guys. You can do this by either creating second stumble guys account on another phone or by cloning the stumble guys mod in your mobile phone. You can get a lot of apps for cloning on the Google play store.

Stumble guys bot lobby

After creating a second account, you need to create a party and join the party from your duplicate account and start the match. This method will increase the chances of getting more bots in the game and you can get the crown easily. Whenever I use this method to play the stumble guys game, it feels like I’m the only human in the game and I win matches easily.

How to Not Get Bots in Stumble Guys?

Some stumble guys players want to play with real players to enjoy the competition. That’s why they don’t want bots in their game. There is no option in stumble guys to avoid bots in your matches, but you can use some tricks.

If you don’t want bots in the stumble guys game, then it is recommended that you should play during the daytime when many real players are playing the stumble guys. In this way, the chances of getting bots in your matches are extremely less.


Many people say that stumble guys is faking multiplayer by using stumble guys bots in the matches. Let me tell you that this is not true. Stumble guys has 100M plus downloads on the Google play store. Bots must not have downloaded a game 100 million times.

These statistics don’t mean that bots are not there in stumble guys. After reading this article you must have got the answer to your question does stumble guys have bots? Enjoy playing with bots to improve your gameplay as stumble guys currently don’t offer any training mode.


The number of bots in a specific match of stumble guys depends upon the number of real players available at a specific time. The number of bots is less during the daytime and high during nighttime when almost everyone is asleep.

You can play with bots in stumble guys by playing stumble guys matches at 5 or 6 AM. The chances of getting a bot lobby are higher at this time.

You can get a noob lobby in stumble guys when you are just starting the game. Another method to get noob lobby in stumble guys is to play the game during the early morning preferably at 5 AM.

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