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Updated on January 3, 2024

Stumble guys is a popular name nowadays, and many players are searching for stumble guys tips and tricks. In this guide, we will tell you the latest working tips for the stumble guys game that you can use to defeat your competitors. Master these tips and tricks to win all matches of stumble guys game.

There are many tips and tricks, from better controls to using obstacles to your advantage. We’ll also tell you different special tricks for all maps of stumble guys mod APK unlimited money and gems to win your stumble guys’ matches. So let’s get into the details.

Adjust Stumble Guys’ Controls

The first important thing before playing any game is to master the game’s controls. The same is the case with stumble guys; you need to adjust controls in a way that suits your playing style. In addition, it is recommended to adjust the controls before playing the game so that you don’t have to pause your game in the middle to set up controls.

stumble guys controls

You can adjust controls by going to settings and then clicking on customize controls button. You can adjust the button size as well as you can change the button placement. You can also change the resolution and turn off shadows if they disturb you while playing matches. Now you can also enjoy stumble guys hack.

Adjusting the controls can amazingly help you to improve your gameplay ultimately resulting in more wins. That’s why it is recommended to adjust the controls before playing the stumble guys.

Take Advantage of Your Character’s Physics

Stumble guys is a game that is based on real physics. And you can take advantage of this physics. The idea is to take extra advantage of your character’s physics. It means you can use your character’s body to jam the path of your competitors to slow them down.

You can also use your character to knock your foes off the edges by bumping into them. This requires practice; you may fall along with your opponent initially. This trick can be very handy in survival maps like bombardment or honey drop. You can just push your competitors down to eliminate them immediately.

Benefit from Stumble Guys’ Obstacles

When you hear the word obstacles, the first thought that generates in your mind is that these are in the game to slow you down or hit you out of the arena. This is perfectly true, but the exciting thing is that you can use many of these obstacles in the opposite way. Use these obstacles for your benefit and trounce the opponents easily.

stumble guys tips

You can use these obstacles to get the advantage that other players are not getting. Let me explain this. Some maps have rotating hammers that can hit and throw you in any direction. Instead of getting hit in the face, you can get hit by these hammers in the back so that they can throw you forward on your way. This tip will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Just like these rotating hammers, there are dozens of other similar obstacles that can give you a boost. You just need to use them properly. If you master the use of these obstacles to your benefit, then your performance will greatly improve and you’ll definitely win more matches in this game.

Control the Camera Angle

One of the little-known tricks in stumble guys is that you can take control of your view in the game. Very few people know that you can take control of your camera from the space just above the jump button. Swiping on this location can easily help you control the view. Taking control of your view becomes effective in maps like stumble soccer and honey drop.

Watch Out Boxers

Some players in stumble guys have special powers. One of these special powers includes punching someone with a boxing glove. Everyone doesn’t get this boxing glove, as this is only offered to players who buy the premium stumble pass.

stumble guys boxing emote

Knowing that you can’t deliver the same attack back because you don’t have that boxing ability, you must keep an eye out on the boxers in the game. If you see someone punching other players brutally, then it’s always a wise idea to stay at a distance from that player.

Stumble Guys Tips and Tricks for Maps

Now that you know the basics of stumble guys multiplayer battle royale, let’s discuss some best tips and tricks for different maps of stumble guys.

Stumble Guys Block Dash Tricks

Block dash is a survival map of stumble guys. It is an exciting and fun-filled map that needs extra care to qualify. But, with some tricks, you can qualify this map easily without getting eliminated.

stumble guys block dash tricks

The best trick for this map is to stay at the center of the rectangular arena to get a better view of coming obstacles so that you can react better. Another tip is that you should stay away from the crowd because any punching or hugging by other players can get you eliminated.

Pivot Push Tips

Pivot push is a medium-tier map in terms of difficulty. It has many closed doors that can be opened by pushing. It’s always a good idea to stay with the crowd because they’ll push those doors and clear your way.

stumble guys pivot push map tips

Another excellent tip to avoid swinging hammers and pendulums is to go on the corners, so you don’t get hit by them.

Stumble Guys Water Slide Trick

There is a map in stumble guys that literally looks like a swimming pool. It has many water slides and is known as super slide map. This map is amusing and can be cleared easily and early if you know some stumble guys’ shortcuts.

The best trick for water slide is that you can shorten your journey by skipping the corners by jumping out, and then getting into the slide at the next curve. This will also help you avoid many frustrating obstacles that can hit you if you go inside the water slide.

Use the Lava Bypass

The latest map added in the stumble guys by the developers is known as lava rush. As evident from the name, this map is filled with lava. You need to avoid this lava to reach the finish line.

If you go inside the arena, you’ll face rising lava that’ll kill you each time. So, to avoid this rising lava, you can use the lava bypass. Lava bypass is the surrounding wall of the lava map where rising lava doesn’t reach.

Space Race Tricks

The space race is a space-themed map. The gravity in this map has no existence; that’s why you can jump higher and farther. The only trick for this map is to use your jump dive combo perfectly and time your jumps to defeat your competitors.

space race tricks

Bombardment Map Tips and Tricks

The bombardment map is one of the frustrating yet exciting maps of stumble guys. In this map, players are placed on an island where a pirate ship moves circularly, continuously throwing bombs into the arena.

stumble guys bombardment map tricks

The tip for the bombardment map is that you should remain on the opposite side of the pirate ship to avoid the bombs. You can also bump into other players to throw them down from the edges.

Tile Fall Tips

Tile fall is also a frustrating map for some players of stumble guys as you don’t know which tiles are solid and which will turn red and throw you down. The best tip to qualify this map is to stay behind the crowd in the beginning so that you easily know the path with solid tiles. Then, when the tiles bridge is about to end, it is recommended to go forward from the crowd so that you can qualify easily.

stumble guys tile fall tips and tricks

Honey Drop Trick

Honey drop is an elimination map of stumble guys multiplayer royale. It is advised to stay on the piles of tiles to avoid falling into the lower levels. And one pro tip for this map is to try and jump onto the leaves of trees as they will not fall, and you’ll qualify easily.

How to Double Jump in Stumble Guys?

One of the most important tricks for stumble guys is a double jump. The players who use double jump always go ahead of their competitors. Many people don’t know the way to make a double jump. You can make a double jump by clicking on the jump button and then clicking it again at the highest point of your jump. In this way, you can make a double jump in a very efficient manner.

Using double jump isn’t a wise idea in all situations. For example, when you use double jump on a flat surface, it’ll only slow you down. You should only use double jump when you are near to falling. Use stumble guys tips and tricks wisely to get the maximum benefit.

How to Dive in Stumble Guys?

You may have seen many YouTubers and streamers dive after a jump. Most of the stumble guys players don’t know how to dive in stumble guys. You can make a dive in stumble guys by clicking on the jump button and then clicking it again while continuously running forward. This will help you dive in stumble guys easily.

How to Run Faster in Stumble Guys?

You can run faster in stumble guys by getting hit on your back by various obstacles. For example, after getting hit on your character’s back at a right angle, these rotating obstacles will kick you in the forward direction with a boost. Utilize stumble guys’ pro tips and tricks discussed in this guide to become the number one player in the stumble guys game.

How to Win Stumble Guys?

You can win every match of stumble guys by using the best stumble guys tips. You must know the latest tricks that other players are using to give them a tough time. Otherwise, they’ll use the tricks like double jumps and dives to defeat you.

You should master the skills of faster running and double jumps to improve your game and defeat your foes. You should also master special tricks for different maps, including moving on the corners, using the lava bypass in the lava rush map, and shortening your journey in the super slide map to become a pro player of stumble guys and win matches.


You can become a pro player of stumble guys by mastering the best stumble guys tips and tricks discussed in this detailed guide. These are the latest and most authentic tricks you can learn to improve your game and win every match of stumble guys.

Master the controls by adjusting them correctly, take advantage of the physics of your character and obstacles of stumble guys and avoid the boxers to win every round of stumble guys multiplayer royale.

Which is your favorite trick of stumble guys?

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