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Updated on January 3, 2024

One fundamental thing to improve your game is to know stumble guys maps and the obstacles within them. The stumble guys game doesn’t allow us to select any specific map of our choice, that’s why we need to master every map of stumble guys to win our matches.

This detailed article about maps of stumble guys will guide you about 21 different maps, obstacles within them, map’s images, and many pro techniques that you can use to handle various obstacles in different maps.

Stumble Guys Maps Tier List

Map NameTypeDifficulty
Lava LandSurvivalDifficult
Humble StumbleRace to winEasy
Honey DropSurvivalEasy
Stumble SoccerTeamMedium
Tile FallRace to winMedium
Laser TracerSurvivalMedium
Icy HeightsRace to winDifficult
Pivot PushRace to winMedium
Block dashSurvivalEasy
Rocket RumbleTeamDifficult
Paint SplashRace to winMedium
Jungle RollRace to winMedium
Lost TempleRace to winEasy
Super SlideRace to winEasy
Cannon ClimbRace to winMedium
Space RaceRace to winDifficult
Floor FlipRace to winEasy
Spin Go roundRace to winMedium
Lava RushRace to winDifficult
Over & underRace to winDifficult

Types of Stumble Guys Maps

Stumble guys game has 21 different types of maps. Some are race-to-win maps, some are survival-themed, and others are team-based maps. Let’s discuss all stumble guys maps:

Race to Win Maps

The objective of the stumble guys players in the race to win maps is to reach a finish line before other players. If they don’t reach that finish line before other players, then they get eliminated. After getting eliminated they can play another match or spectate the other players who have qualified for the next round. Nowadays stumble guys hack is trending and many people are downloading it.

Race to win stumble guys maps list is given below:

  1. Humble Stumble
  2. Icy Heights
  3. Paint Splash
  4. Jungle Roll
  5. Lost Temple
  6. Super Slide
  7. Cannon Climb
  8. Space Race
  9. Spin Go round
  10. Lava Rush
  11. Over & Under
  12. Floor Flip
  13. Pivot Push
  14. Tile Fall

Survival Maps

Survival maps are those maps in which you need to survive by avoiding lasers or avoiding falling. If your character touches the lasers or falls, you immediately get eliminated from that round.

The maps with survival purpose are listed below:

  1. Honey Drop
  2. Laser Tracer
  3. Bombardment
  4. Lava Land
  5. Block dash

Team Maps

In team maps, players are divided into two teams. One is the blue team and the other is yellow. The winning team is decided based on how many flags a team captured or how many goals a team scored against the other team.

The stumble guys team-based maps are listed below:

  1. Stumble Soccer
  2. Rocket Rumble

Stumble Guys Maps

The total number of maps in stumble guys is 21. Each map has its own set of obstacles and traps. Let’s have a detailed look at each map along with its image, obstacles, and best tips and tricks to tackle those obstacles. Understand these tricks to master all the maps and defeat your competitors easily.

Lava Rush – Stumble Guys New Map

First on our list is the lava rush map. This is the new and the latest map added in the stumble guys by Kitka games. As evident from its name, this map is filled with lava. You need to rush to the final line by avoiding lava balls and wooden logs with spikes.

You’ll also encounter continuously rising lava, so you need to proceed with care. One tip that you should keep in mind while playing this lava map is to utilize the lava bypass. Lave bypass is a wall on the extreme right side where you can move to avoid the rising lava. This is the thing many pro players of stumble guys use while playing this map.

One pro tip to enjoy this map is that you should use the modified version of stumble guys which allows the players to use many premium things for free. In stumble guys mod APK, you can use premium emotes like punch, hug and kick emote for free. So, you can use punch emote in this map to throw players into the lava. This’ll be much fun.

Lava Land

Lava land is another stumble guys latest map with dangerous gameplay. In this map, the whole land is filled with lava, and you are present on blue pillars that keep rising and drowning in the lava. You need to keep your character on these pillars to avoid falling into the lava and getting melted.

stumble guys lava land map

The main tip I’ll tell you to win this map is to stay alert and be fast to watch which pillars are getting down and which pillars are rising. You need to move fast on the pillars which are rising from the lava to avoid falling into the lava. This is one of the most difficult maps you’ll encounter in stumble guys.

Humble Stumble

Humble stumble starts with trampolines that can push you to the sky. Then there are boost pads that can throw you backward resulting in decreasing your progress compared with other players. This map also has rotating foam-like bumpers that can kick you in any direction.

stumble guys humble stumble map

The best tip to win this map is patience and practice.

Honey Drop

The honey drop map is based on honey comb like structure. There are different layers of such structure each having numerous yellow tiles which can turn red when you jump on them, and they disappear. When all these yellow tiles disappear, you get dropped to the lower similar structure.

stumble guys honey drop

The main objective is to survive until your competitor falls into the sky. The tip to win this stumble guys map is to stay on piles of tiles. There are some single tiles and some piles like piles of two and piles of three. It’s a good idea to stay on those piles instead of single ones because they take time to disappear while you can jump easily to another spot.

Another pro tip is that you can jump onto the leaves of trees present and they are not going to fall, and you’ll qualify easily. This is one of the best tip that any experienced stumble guys player will know. So, use this method now to enjoy maximum wins in honey drop map of stumble guys.

Stumble Soccer

This map of stumble guys is based on soccer. There is a ground with soccer balls and there are two teams in this map. One team is blue and the other is yellow. You need to send the soccer balls to the opponent’s goal. The team with the maximum goals will be declared the winner. This team-based map has a time limit of 100 seconds so keep this thing in mind while playing this map in stumble guys.

stumble guys stumble soccer map

The main tip for playing this stumble soccer map is that you should push balls by air dashing instead of pushing them by running. Because air dashing throws balls much further compared with running.

Tile Fall

It’s one of the simple and shorter stumble guys maps. As obvious from the name it has falling tiles. This map has several yellow tiles placed like a bridge before the finish line. But the thing is that all these tiles are not true tiles. When you jump on any tile, it’ll fall immediately if it’s not a true tile and if it’s a true tile then it’ll turn green, and you’ll not fall.

stumble guys tile fall map

The main tip here is to stay behind the crowd because all true tiles will be evident, and you can jump on them comfortably. Another trick is to use a double jump when tiles are ending to skip the last tile.

Laser Tracer

This map has a laser that is tracing the stumble guys’ players. It means the laser will be coming from all sides so that it can hit and kill the stumble guys’ players. The main idea here is to survive till the end by avoiding contact with lasers.

stumble guys laser tracer

One thing to keep in mind is that you immediately get eliminated if you get the slightest touch of lasers. The main tip here is to stay isolated from other players as they can bump you into the lasers. Another important thing is jump timing that you can master only after practice.

Icy Heights

This map is very icy like its name. It means that this stumble guys map is extremely slippery. The map features many trampolines, ice balls, and rotating foam sticks. You need extremely good practice to qualify this map.

stumble guys icy heights map

The main tip for this map is that you should utilize trampolines. During the start, when you face three trampolines that hit you away when you touch them, you can use them the other way. Just jump over those trampolines and they’ll send you miles forward on your journey. This will help you beat your opponents easily.

You can use a combo of single jumps and double jumps to utilize these trampolines.

Pivot Push

Pivot push is a very interesting map because it has many different types of obstacles. Pivot push features moving doors, rotating pendulums, pivoting barriers, and trampolines in a very beautiful way. You can easily master this map after a little practice.

stumble guys pivot push map

The tip here is to use the double jump as much as you can to remain in the front of the crowd during the start of the match so that other players don’t get in your way while moving forward. Another excellent tip is for the rotating pendulums platform, just go on either the right or left corner of this platform to avoid getting hit by swinging hammers and pendulums.

Stumble Guys Block Dash

This survival map is interesting for some players while frustrating for others. This map features a rectangular platform with a group of blocks that emerge from one end and take you to the other end if you don’t jump over them. Keep in mind that if you don’t jump over these blocks, they will immediately take you to the other side and will eliminate you from the round.

stumble guys block dash map

The important thing to keep in mind for this map is that some blocks are solid while some are weak with lines. You can pass through weak blocks by bumping yourself into those. It’s always a good idea to stay in the center of the platform to have a better view of the coming blocks so that you can react on time.

Rocket Rumble

This is another team map of stumble guys just like stumble soccer. But the idea is completely different from stumble soccer as you need to collect flags in this map instead of scoring goals. The players are divided into two teams. One is the yellow team and the other is the blue team. There are total 12 flags and the total time allotted for this map is 120 seconds. When the time ends, the team with the most flags will win.

stumble guys rocket rumble map

Players have rocket-firing machines in their hands so they can fire rockets at opponent players. This map has flag posts and some trampolines. You can use different tricks to win this map. For example, when the time is about to end, you can jump onto the walls of this map and easily move toward your opponent’s respawning area to capture their flags.

Paint Splash

This race-to-finish map features pits that are full of paint, two paint roller obstacles, and spinning platforms with a red button in the center that can kill you right away. There are two types of paint roller obstacles. First paint roller obstacles are moving side to side and second are moving from front to back.

stumble guys paint splash map

You can use side railings to avoid these paint roller obstacles in this stumble guys map.

Jungle Roll

This race-to-win map is one of the calm and easy stumble guys maps. Stumble guys jungle map features wooden bridges, a sand desert, and big rolling wood logs in water having various obstacles and pitfalls, with greenery all around.

stumble guys jungle roll map

The real challenge of this map is to cross the rolling wooden logs. These wooden logs rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise and you need to avoid falling into the water by moving in the opposite direction while avoiding the barriers and pitfalls at the same time.

The tip for this map is that you can pass the sand desert easily by moving on the greenery present on either side of the desert.

Lost Temple

Lost temple map is inspired from Indiana jones movies and the dangers faced by jones on his archeological journey. In first look, this map looks like it is made of rocks.

stumble guys lost temple map

There are different unique obstacles in this map including sharp swinging blades, emerging arrows that emerge from the ground, wooden logs with spikes rolling down, and a big stone ball that players face at the end of this map.

You need to avoid all these obstacles to pass the lost temple stumble guys map. There are some tricks that you can use to win this map easily. The main trick is that you can cross the emerging arrows platform by moving on the sides of those arrows and then jumping at the end to get back on track.

Super Slide

This super slide map has some slides just like swimming pools. The arena is set in water with some trampolines and super slides with obstacles that can hit and slow you down. You need proper jump timing to dodge the obstacles within the slides to win this map.

stumble guys super slide map

To qualify this map easily, you can use some shortcuts like you can let your character go outside the water slide when that slide is present next after a curve. This will shorten your journey and will allow you to beat your competitors easily.

Cannon Climb

Cannon climb as the name suggests is filled with many cannons throwing several cannonballs into the arena that can hit and vaporize you. You need to climb to the top of the mountain by avoiding these cannonballs and other obstacles. These cannonballs are very unpredictable because they change their trajectory after hitting various obstacles.

stumble guys cannon climb map

This is a fun-filled map with the objective of racing to reach the finish line before other players of stumble guys multiplayer battle royale. The obstacles include swinging hammers, rotating hammers, and revolving doors.

The tip here is that you can jump onto the boundary wall of this map and proceed easily without facing any obstacles and cannonballs.

Space Race

The main feature of this map is low gravity that allows stumble guys players to jump higher and farther. In this map, you need to race in space to reach the final spot.

stumble guys space race map

This map features satellites with solar plates as their wings just like revolving doors in the cannon climb. Other unique things on this map include boost pads and boost tunnels, rocks, and different planets revolving in orbits.

There are no other tips for this map except that you should use your jump-dive combo perfectly to defeat the obstacles of the space race. In the end of this map, there are three boost tunnels to go to the finish line. The finish line is randomized between these three tunnels, but you can move between them if you don’t land on the finish line.

Floor Flip

Floor flip is a simple map that has a swinging hammer and flipping tiles or more specifically you can say it is flipping floor. This is a very easy map that can be qualified easily with a little practice. The only tricky things in this map are tipping platforms that can sink towards either side depending on the weight of the players.

stumble guys floor flip map

The main trick for this map is that you should use double jumps as much as you can.


This survival map is designed in a sea where players are placed on a small island with some solid tiles and some weak tiles. There is a pirate ship revolving around the island that is continuously firing bombs onto the island which blasts and breaks down the weak tiles. Players need to avoid the bombs and avoid falling into the water to qualify for the next round.

stumble guys bombardment map

As a stumble guys player, the best trick I can tell you for bombardment map is that you should always stay on the opposite side of the boat so that bombs don’t reach out to you. Keep in mind that pirate ship fires bombs at a place where most players are located so stay at a distance from the crowd.

Spin Go Round

Spin go round is a very fun-filled map of stumble guys with mostly spinning obstacles. This map contains rotating rubber hammers, rotating foam sticks, and yellow moving platforms. In the beginning, players must face rotating hammers and they have boost pads pointing toward them which causes players to bump into these hammers. This thing makes this map a tricky one.

stumble guys spin go round map

The best way to beat the obstacles of this map is to move on the walls of this map. It’ll allow you to avoid all obstacles and defeat your foes easily.

Over & Under

As the name implies, in this map you need to go over some obstacles and under some obstacles. In the beginning of this map are some horizontal bars moving up and down very fast. You need to cross these bars either by running under them or jumping over them.

stumble guys over under map

In the middle of this map comes the vertical bars that are also moving fast. Be patient and wait until you get a clear path to cross this platform. In the end, there are three retracing stairs. These also need patience and proper jump timing.

Like many other maps, you can also run on the side walls of over and under in some parts of the map to avoid different obstacles.

Bottom Line

In this detailed stumble guys maps guide, we have discussed all 21 maps of stumble guys. You can educate yourself of the obstacles in different maps and ways to beat those obstacles from this guide. The key to becoming a pro player of stumble guys multiplayer battle royale is to stay calm and master the jump dive combo and some special tricks for different maps. Which is your favorite stumble guys map?


Until now, stumble guys multiplayer royale has 21 maps. Out of these 21 maps, 14 are race-to-finish maps, 5 are survivals maps and the remaining 2 are team maps.

Not all maps of the stumble guys game are difficult. Although some of the maps are tricky and can take some time to master the ways to cross their obstacles. You can learn different tricks from our stumble guys map guide to qualify all maps of stumble guys easily.

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